Gibbs & Haynes offer a full Tree Surgery service from consultation to diagnosis, from felling to crown reduction. Below we list some of the services we offer but please ask us if you require something you don’t see.

What We Do

Tree surgery is the method of creating and maintaining beautiful trees. If you plant a tree, that tree will want to grow in a way that maximises it’s sun light intake as well as it’s water intake.

This means growing tall and growing wide

Once a tree starts to do this it can and will block out light, damage underground piping, intrude on your homes natural light source, cause paving problems and much more. Once this happens it can be a costly and chaotic thing to rectify.

Prevention by care is the best way to help keep your home and garden in good repair. Operations such as crown thinning and crown reduction, which control the leaf area are vital in this role, as well as the removal of dead and weakling growth.

What we do


Our Mission


In 1972 upon leaving Merrist Wood, I turned down the opportunity to join Basingstoke council as their tree officer, because I enjoyed the practical aspect of the work and had come to enjoy being my own master. Some of my college peers had formed their own companies and I decided I would try this for myself.


I bought my remaining partner out of the business. In the following year I trebled the turnover.


October 1987 Michael Fish assured the country that Britain would not endure a hurricane. Unfortunately, he was seriously mistaken, as millions of trees were blown down in winds that peaked at well over 100mph. My phone didn’t stop ringing for several weeks. I first looked after my regular clients and then worked non-stop to catch up with other emergencies – trees on cars, houses, across  roads – it was carnage.

Meet The Team

Bob Gibbs