Tree Surgery

Gibbs & Haynes offer a full Tree Surgery service from consultation to diagnosis, from felling to crown reduction. Below we list some of the services we offer but please ask us if you require something you don’t see.

Crown thinning

Removal of weakling, congesting and competing growth to allow light through the tree and concentrate the tree’s energy on productive growth. Obviously, dead growth is removed. 


Crown reduction

Careful shortening of limbs back to appropriate growth points, which take over the shape and sap flow, without resulting in shapeless regrowth (as associated with heavy reduction and pollarding)

Too often crown reduction is excessive due to the fact that the fine pruning required to give a sympathetic shape requires a lot of extra effort on behalf of the climber. Also heavy reductions quickly result in massive, shapeless regrowth and is therefore counter-productive. Regular maintenance is a much better option.

A Black Walnut Tree after being pruned

Copper Beech Tree that we maintain regularly

Sycamore tree after pruning

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